Khmelnitskiy National University (KhNU)

Khmelnitsky National University is the biggest higher educational institution in Podillya, which trains specialists in many areas of knowledge and conducts educational, methodical and scientific work. In accordance with rating of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine it was repeatedly a part of ten best classic universities of Ukraine.
Training of future specialists is realized by 7 faculties that provide studies on 39 fields of educationally-qualifying preparation, including: computer engineering, applied mathematics, computer sciences, management, ecology, engineering mechanics, radio engineering, electronic machines.
Khmelnitsky National University maintains relations with 70 Universities, organizations and institutions from more than 20 countries (Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Germany, USA, UK and China) and is a collaborator of 12 international scientific and educational projects and programs.
The mission of KhNU is to meet our population requirements of high-level education, to prepare efficient specialists for Ukrainian enterprises, institutions and organizations equally with acceleration of Euro integration, mobility in academic environment and stimulation of life-long education.
Department of System Programming of the Khmelnitsky National University has been an active partner in international collaboration with foreign educational institutions: in developing centers of university-industrial cooperation in the field of critical computing (Newcastle University, Adelard  LLP, Great Britain, ABO Academy, Finland), in the field of informational technologies dealing with legal issues of intellectual property (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; University Alicante, Spain), in the sphere of Eurointegration and educational management (Capital university, Germany, the university of Austria, Technical university, Poland) and others.
TEMPUS Projects made of System Programming Department:
2006-2008 - TEMPUS Project – MASTAC - MSc and PhD studies in Aerospace Critical Computing (JEP_26008_2005);
2009-2012 - TEMPUS Project – IPMASTER - Intellectual Property Law: New Master Curriculum for the National Consultancy E‐Centre on IP Management (№ 144628‐TEMPUS‐2008‐SE‐JPCR);
2010-2013 - TEMPUS Project – SAFEGUARD - National Safeware Engineering Network of Centers of Innovative Academia‐Industry Handshaking (158886‐TEMPUS‐2009‐UK‐JPCR).
Now the 3 TEMPUS Projects are implements at the Department of System Programming:
    TEMPUS-REGENLAW “Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Energy and Environmental Law Studies”, 516911-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR;
    TEMPUS-KTU «Knowledge Transfer Unit - From Applied Research and Technology-Entrepreneurial Know-How Exchange to Development of Interdisciplinary Curricula Modules», 544031-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-AT TEMPUS-JPHES;
    TEMPUS-SEREIN «Modernization of Postgraduate Studies on Security and Resilience for Human and Industry Related Domains», 543968-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-EE-TEMPUS-JPCR.

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