International Scientific and Technical University (ISTU)

(The ISTU provides services in higher education and organizes full and part-time study, distance learning courses in 11 directions and 14 specialties. There are about 8000 students and six ISTU’s affiliated institutions located in different parts of Ukraine.

The list of degrees includes Oil and Gas Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Nature Management, Law, Linguistics, Accounting and Audit, Finances and Credit, International Economics, Management, Electronic Radio Equipment, Human Health.

Training in the University is organized by academicians, correspondent members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professors, associate professors, representatives from business sphere, practitioners in oil and gas industry, Honored of science and techniques members. The main R&D of ISTU lies in oil and gas extrac

tion and transportation where new ideas, inventions and solutions are implemented in Ukraine, Russia, China, Bulgaria, Poland, Syria, USA, Egypt etc.)