FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH (FH JOANNEUM)

FH JOANNEUM is one of Austria’s leading Universities of Applied Sciences with a highly specialized degree programmes. The Centres for Research & Development serve as important links between the different departments of FHJ and the business world, ensuring that students receive practice-oriented knowledge at the cutting edge methodology. More information



Universidad de Girona (UdG)

UdG is a public university devoted to excellence in teaching and research and to participating in the progress and development of society. The UdG is one of the primary economic and cultural motors of the region. More information



World University Service - Austrian Committee (WUS Austria)

WUS Austria is a politically independent, non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. More information



Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

BME was founded in 1782 and nowadays the largest technical university in Hungary. More than 1300 professors, researchers and numerous invited expert specialists participate in education and research within the structure of eight faculties. More information



Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. KTH is actively executing major EU cooperation programmes such as FP7, Lifelong Learning, Tempus, Erasmus-Mundus, Asia-Link and Leonardo da Vinci. Several national and international competence centres and networks of excellence are located at KTH. More information



International Scientific and Technical University (ISTU)

The ISTU provides services in higher education and organizes full and part-time study, distance learning courses in 11 directions and 14 specialties. There are about 8000 students and six ISTU’s affiliated institutions located in different parts of Ukraine. More information



National Aerospace University (KhAI)

KhAI is the only engineering University in Ukraine providing full cycle of higher education in the field of aerospace science. Founded in 1930, KhAI has over 12,000 students, 800 teachers, 1200 researchers, and 2000 employees. More information



University of Banking (UB)

Being established in 1996 the Academy succeeded to present itself as the higher educational institution of the European model, it has level IV education qualification accreditation, it is a place where specialists of new mentality are trained - the scientific elite. More information



Khmelnitskiy National University (KhNU)

Founded in 1964, Khmelnitskiy National University is one of leading universities of Podolia – biggest historical region in southwestern part of Ukraine. With academic staff about 800 and student body 11.500 University includes 8 faculties and study graduates for 42 specialties. More information



State University of Infrastructure and Technologies (SUIT)
(successor of Kyiv State Maritime Academy, KSMA).

With the student body about 6400 the Academy is one of the leading HEIs in the country for training of water transport industry specialists. More information



Dniprodzerzhinsk state technical university (DSTU)

DSTU is one of the prominent technical universities in Ukraine known for its rich historical background, scientific heritage and significant research achievements. Founded in 1920, today DSTU has more than 5.000 students. More information



Ukrainian Students' Association (USA)

The idea of an independent professional association of students occurred in the summer of 1989.December 8-9 1989 the founding congress of the USA was held, which adopted the Program Declaration and Charter of USA. More information

INNOTECH - Center for Innovative Engineering Technologies Ltd.

MESU - Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine