Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU) of
Khmelnitskiy National University


To give everyone in the University the power to create, share and commercialize their ideas and technologies instantly, without barriers.
The mission of KTU is to serve as an interface between the university and the “outside world” helping university citizens (teachers, researchers, students) with appropriate knowledge transfer services to market their innovation and competencies.
The KTU supports KhNU’s researchers in putting innovative concepts into practice, to protect and make use of them. KTU is oriented to IT market as a most perspective and growing market of the region, but other domains are also the attention span of KTU. KhNU KTU offers commercialization support for researcher and student projects in all stages of development from idea to marketable product. It includes legal support, funds finding, prototyping, verification and advertising support.


download: ktu-strategy-development-wp1-khnu [doc]


The KTU aims to become the most important department at Khmelnitskiy National University in terms of innovative ideas and their commercialization. KTU will be recognized in the future as a referent of success in terms of promotion and management of research ideas and their commercialization. We will provide full stack of ideas support, from market analysis, business plan, legalization, IP protection and fund raising to establishment of the company.



  1. R&D contracts:
    1. University and Industry cooperation
    2. Supporting of grant proposal preparation
    3. Supporting of student start-ups
  2. Patenting and Licensing support
  3. Supporting of university spin-offs
  4. Trainings
  5. Creating 3D prototyping service


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