The mission of KTU is to raise the level of intellectual property commercialization generated by KhAI’s faculties, staff and students. This serves the public good by advancing knowledge, by creating new and useful products, and by promoting economic development via start-up ventures.


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The vision of KTU is to organize effective technology & knowledge transfer and innovation support, together with strong networking capability to foster cooperation with industry. Its activities include lifelong learning solutions, trainings and seminars, support of research projects, grant writing and legal support. Knowledge transfer is the next step towards expanding the scope of activity of the KhAI Technology Transfer Center and is the logical way of its development.


The values of KTU are:

  • Customer’s requirements orientation

Services of KTU are focused on client’s satisfaction, support and promotion of their ideas and individual approach to each client.

  • Highly qualified staff

KTU staffed in accordance with general requirements of the project, all staff have good technical understanding of their fields of activity and business processes

  • Existing positive experience.

We have huge base of partners as a result of more than 15 Tempus projects implementation of Creating a huge base of partners of the Technology Transfer Center as a result of UNI4INNO project implementation will help us in KTU services.

  • Responsibility and business ethics.

Responsibility for the result is a basic principle of our professional ethics. Solving the task given to us by the client or partner, we take part of the responsibility for his well-being and comfort, for the success of the project.


KTU activities

  • Innovation support
  • Networking
  • Training seminars
  • IPR management
  • Curriculum development/support
  • Research project development/support
  • Grant writing
  • Legal support
  • Investor relations



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Telephone +38 (057) 788-40-59