Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU) of
Yu. Bugay International Scientific and Technical University

The KTU serves as a mainstream for research and development in the field of applied sciences to transfer knowledge and technologies, and to accelerate communication between university researchers and students from different departments about the business aspects of their activities; to distribute experience, best practice and skills of University to customers: SMEs, plants, factories, governmental and non-governmental organisations and the wider society; increases the involvement of key stakeholders.


download: ktu-strategy-development_istu [doc]


The vision of the KTU is that by the end of 2016 to coordinate contacts to external actors (business community, wider society, researchers and students outside the University) in Ukraine and abroad and create an operational database of potential partners for applied projects; to be the leading unit in Ukraine with high reputation for the quality of output, the relevance of our commercial activities and its real high value commercialization.



  1. Effectiveness - to provide the best results for University and key stakeholders
  2. Professionalism - to have experienced staff which can provide best quality results/services
  3. Creativity - new ways of thinking non-standard ways of thinking
  4. Service and results oriented - to satisfy the exact needs of clients
  5. Networking and team working - cooperation with colleagues within and outside the University, synergy of actions



  1. University and business cooperation;
  2. Assistance in writing proposal for grants;
  3. Support and consultancy for University research groups’ projects, start-ups and spin-offs;
  4. Patenting and Licensing support;
  5. Market analysis and assistance in conducting surveys;
  6. Access to internal and external databases (of projects, potential business partners, patents, licensing agreements etc.);
  7. Trainings for students and researchers;
  8. Creating 3D prototyping service.


Contact persons: Veronika Khudolei, Stanislav Kukhtyk
email:, tel.: (044) 291-53-64