Knowledge Transfer Unit of Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University


The mission of [KTU] is to serve as an interface between the university and the “outside world” helping university citizens (teachers, researchers, students) with appropriate knowledge transfer services to market their innovation and competencies.


download: ktu-strategy-development-wp1-dstu [doc]


The vision of KTU is to proactive promotion and management of research, transfer and innovation.



  1. Networking and team working
  2. Professionalism
  3. Diversity of competences and skills among staff
  4. Personal attention
  5. Focus on people



  1. Communication.
    1. training;
    2. seminars;
    3. conference.
  2. External consultation on:
    1. patent support;
    2. marketing research.
  3. Internal consultation on:
    1. patent support;
    2. development of new interdisciplinary teaching methods;
    3. contracts to perform research at the expense of the customer.
  4. Support for research and development:
    1. assistance in applying for participation in grant programs, projects,
    2. programs of mobility;
    3. assistance in project management.
  5. 3D printer. Printing, preparation and processing drawings.